Frequently Asked Questions

Christ Coin is the first Christian Crypto Currency that is utilized on the Life Change platform. The Life Change platform is a social media platform that rewards people for reading the bible, blogging and posting videos/content.  

No.  It is free to post, comment and vote on content on the Life Change platform. 

Christ Coins are pre-mined and are held in a smart contract used to reward people when they participate on the Life Change platform.

Christ Coins are simply a points system.  Because this point system is block chain based, the points can be traded on markets as tokens. People can buy and sell these tokens, or hold for an increase in purchasing power.  

We have created an algorithm that will track users activity on the site. Once a certain number of tokens have been earned they will be automatically deposited into the users linked wallet.  

First, we will be adding an oversight committee of church pastors and leaders to help steer Life Change to its fullest potential. Second, once the non-profit is established we will assemble a Board of Directors for complete financial oversight on all charitable Life Change wallets. 

Go to and follow the directions to setting up a new ether wallet.

Also see wallet setup guide on Crowdfunding page.

Once listed on an exchange you will be able to create an account and transfer Christ Coins to the exchange wallet. Creating an account at will allow you to send money to your bank account once its exchanged from Christ Coin to Ether. We will also create the LifeXchange platform that will allow members to transfer their tokens anytime they want.

Every quarter Life Change will purchase tokens at market value from the various exchanges Christ Coin is listed. Life Change will then destroy most tokens lowering the circulating supply, which should give each token left a higher value.

No! You can go to any exchange Christ Coin is listed on to trade for other currencies.  Life Change is also creating the LifeXchange platform that will allow you to transfer your tokens anytime you desire.

We are offering our Life Change platform to everyone for FREE! By supporting Christ Coin you can generate tokens that can change the lives of people all over the globe. Leave your mark on the world by supporting humanitarian efforts without impacting your current income.