How Life Change Can Help You Cover the Cost of Your Church Conference

Posted on October 14, 2017

How Life Change Can Help You Cover the Cost of Your Church Conference

I recently came back from Jesus Conference 2017 in Orlando. It was a powerful conference where many lives were changed. At some point during the conference, one of the invited guests spoke about how much it takes to host such a large conference.  The financial burden can sometimes weight heavy on the hearts of the hosts. The questions are always: Will enough people show up to the conference? Will there be enough in the offering buckets to cover all expenses?

When I learned that the conference was being live streamed on God TV, I asked myself the question: What if this is being live streamed or the video simply uploaded onto the Life Change Platform? The answer was jarring!

Thousands of people watching live or watching posted video afterwards would earn the conference organization (Jesus Image for this conference) Christ Coin tokens which can then be used to cover a portion of the cost after they are redeemed for FIAT currency such as the dollar. This extra income stream may then be used to do a few things, plan another conference or reduce the financial burden on conference attendees (no need to take up offering). Moreover, this content can continue to earn tokens long after it has been posted.

The more popular Life Change becomes, the higher the value of Christ Coin tokens, and the more income can be earned. To find out more, visit and and read the white paper.