Give Life Change an Opportunity to Fast-Track Your Church Plant

Posted on October 14, 2017

Give Life Change an Opportunity to Fast-Track Your Church Plant

Planting a new church is a daunting prospect. Beginning with the call of God, to leaving a familiar church environment, to building a committed launch team, to raising the money required for a successful launch, to attracting members of the community, to maintaining financial liquidity. Starting a brand-new church can be challenging to the most faith-filled church planter.

If you have never been involved in a church plant and wonder what the primary reason many church plants fail, the answer is this: Financial insolvency. If you are involved in a church plant right now, you understand what we are talking about!

Life Change can help increase the probability that your church plant survives.

The moment you feel God’s call to plant a church, you can set up a digital account (wallet) on the Life Change Platform and start to post blogs, videos, and other content. As people watch and like your content, you get to earn Christ Coin tokens. Make Life Change, a repository for all your spiritual content for your church plant and link it to social media to earn more tokens. Moreover, you can benefit from people donating their tokens into your church plant wallet.

When the time comes, redeem these tokens for dollars or other currencies on an exchange and use them to pay staff, buy equipment, pay rent, or fund an outreach, or whatever else you need.

All you need to do is sign up, post great content, and tell everyone you know to join Life Change so they can watch and share. To find out more, visit and and read the white paper.